Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Image result for lunchHOW TO ORDER A LUNCH  ORDER
First you get a menu and you look what you want too get. When you know what you want too get you look at the price beside it.

Then you can get a clear look bag or just get a envelop and you put your money inside. Then write your class number and put what you want for your lunch and how much it is and what your name is.

Then you go and put it in the lunch order box and someone will take it over too the lunch order lady and she will make your order.

Image result for unhealthy lunchBut you can not order anything at morning tea because it is not enough time too make you a meal.

Then at lunch time someone will go and get the lunch order box and will bring it back too your class and your lunch will be there.
Now you can go sit down and enjoy your meal.

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