Tuesday, 16 May 2017

How to order lunch at school.

How to order lunch at school.

If you wanna learn how to order a lunch at school this is how. You can either do this at school or at home.

First of all you wanna bring money, then you look at the food menu and decide what you want to eat, if you have decided what you wanted to eat for the day. You then open up your envelope and place the money inside the envelope. Then after you have done all of that you write your name on the envelope, and you also write your class room number on the envelope as well.

Then you go to school, and place your envelope into the container. Once you have done that you ask the lunch monitor to go take your lunch over to where they cook your lunch.

Last but not least, you wait till lunch. So when it's lunch you go to the lunch monitor, and remind them to go collect your food, you check your lunch, and change, and then you can eat your food.

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