Tuesday, 16 May 2017

How to order a lunch

How to order a lunch

A school lunch is when you order a lunch at school. It is when people want to buy their lunch if they have no food or if they are late.

Ordering a lunch at school is to be done with an envelope and some money. You will need to decide what you have wanted (pies and more). You want to write what you have decided and have putten it in the envelope with the total amount of money. When you have decided what you want and have placed the money in the envelope with the order you must then place it in the container.

When you have placed it in the container the lunch monitor will then take it to the lunch lady and wait to retrieve it at lunch time. But you must make sure you will remind him or her to retrieve it. Make sure you check your lunch order to see if it is the right one and to check the correct amount of change. After that you have checked it you could then sit down and eat your lunch order.

When you are ordering a lunch you must have the correct amount of money and to have decided what you have wanted. Then you’ll want to place it in the envelope and into the container. Whether you’re late or just want variation on food you could just order your lunch.

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