Thursday, 4 May 2017

crazy new neighbors

The house next door was empty for a few weeks and i was wondering why and there was a really big reason. It was because the old neighbors had moved out and we did not realize because everyone was at work. One night the new neighbors started moving in and they were loud they had woken us up with the big banging that was going on because of all the things they were moving. Most of there stuff was normal but then it came to the last little touches in the back of the moving truck as i looked out of the window i saw all the boys carrying a big speaker and it was big. A couple days after they moved in the three boys were getting a bit use to the house and thought that the street was to quite. They started playing the music they were listening to so loud that they were getting complaint already and they did not care they had not noticed because they would not do anything else apart from stay in there house and listen to music. The three boys were not normal people they did not have much furniture but lots of equipment and they would not come out of there house the one time they came out of there house was to go get food but since then they have not been out. So i decided to go over to there house and as i got close and closer to the house the music got louder and louder so i went straight to they door and knocked. One of the boys opened the door and it looked like he had just woken up but there was not just them they had more the 6 people on the ground sleeping .so i asked him how do you like the house and he said i do not live here i was here from last night because they had a party and he said that the owners had gone to see someone before they left they woke me up to make sure that someone can get the phone and door but i really need to go.

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