Thursday, 18 May 2017

chapter 3&4 writing task
If i could turn any place into my own terabithia i would make it in my house and out side it because i spend most of the time in my life here apart from when i am at school so there would be many things that can happen with it because there is lots of things that i want to happen and that i don’t want to happen. Basically i will just be letting all my friends that i hang out with  a lot because they will understand more because of the fact that they know more about me and they will understand why there everything that they will not like because they are not the same sort of people and they do  not like the same things but if there is someone that i really know and they want to come in then i will let them in. i will probably make it create magical encounters about things in the world but like about cars because i am a really big car guy and i would like good things to happen while i am in there because it will be where i am most of the time so i will not like somethings to go bad inside.

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