Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Chapter 3 Prompt

Were all lined up, the opposite team is waiting for the kickoff. I see my opponent looking her straight into the eyes, she points to me and says

“You're mine”

My heart starts pumping I feel the blood rushing through my veins! The captain looks at me and gives me thumbs up. My hands start to sweat, I rub them against my shorts to get ready to catch the ball. The referee blows the whistle! I run towards where the ball is going. I look in the air and the ball is coming down, no one is surrounded by me. I form my hands and reached the ball. Huh I got the ball I  everybody is yelling out saying

“Run Camille, RUN CAMILLE!”

My opponent runs towards me yelling you’re mine. But I say to myself she has to catch me first, she dives towards me to tackle me with all her anger. I side step to the left and she face plants to the ground. There is no one in front of me! I hear my coach screaming and yelling saying


“GO, GO, GO!!!”

I run as fast as I could to dive for the try line. My legs was starting to break down and my breath was out of control. I needed to dig deep and find that reserved energy for me to keep on going. I dived towards the try line and scored the try. I had celebrated by doing a dab and everybody telling me

“Well done”

We went for the kick and got it over. We started jogging back to the centre with all the parents yelling out

“Well done”

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