Thursday, 11 May 2017

Chapter 3 & 4 (Writing Task)

If i was ever to build a place like Terabithia I would make it in the jungle somewhere by the walkways as there’s never a big crowd there and it’ll be quiet. I’d probably just go further because I am still new to Wattle Downs and I don’t know as much as anyone. I would bring Jordan with me as he is explaining to me what it was like and what happened there and stuff like that. Plus Jordan is good company to have around as he makes everything boring stuff into fun. When I go walk along there I always see places that look like they haven’t been bothered about for 5 years. I wanna go there and see what it was. Plus it would be a cool place to be if we find an open space because there is so many things to do with just so much unused land. I wouldn’t build a house or anything I would just make a mark on where we have to go to carry on where we left of last time. Because staying at night wouldn’t be so ideal as it is a quiet area and if some dodgy person just saw some random kid sleeping there I can till you know that 10 seconds later all that will be left is the kids blanket and pillow. After I have finished knowing what I need to know I would call like to friends over to come and try to figure out what we could do with that place because it could become our own and we could do so much things with it. While we figure out what to do with it we will probably find some objects lying around from previous years that will probably be useful now. But after that area is exposed it’ll probably get used by more and more people which makes it basically pointless as it was supposed to be like Terabithia quite, private and no one to bother you. But the area will get exposed and after that happens I probably will never go back there again but it would’ve been good while it lasted.

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