Thursday, 4 May 2017

Chapter 2 - Journaling prompt: Meeting someone new, and how we got on

The last time I met someone new was at the start of the year. Her name is Camille. She came to our school from Clayton Park. Camille is a very nice girl. When I first met her there was some silent’s between us. It was quite awkward at first. After a few days that was over and we were speaking, without being awkward. The emotions I felt were all good. Yes it was a bumpy start, but it picked up from there. Actually pretty quick from there. Apart from feeling happy, I also felt a bit nervous. That is because you don’t know how people will react about you, when you first meet. That was just the beginning of me meeting Camille.
In the first paragraph I said it was a bit awkward at first. But it slowly picked up. Back to the question. We didn’t get along straight away. That is because there was silence between the 2 of us. Only for a few days. After that is was not awkward and we were acting like normal human beings.
When people meet new people, they are a bit shy. Well, everyone is a bit shy when they first meet new people. Overcoming shyness about meeting a person is easy. You can overcome shyness by just being yourself. You don’t have to be shy around people you met because, those people will in time become your friends. You have nothing to be scared of because the person you meet, is going to become your friend. Being shy is normal, when you first met people. You can over shyness in heaps of ways, when you meet new people. But it’s up to you, what you do about it. If you want to change it or not, is up to you.
I met my best friend Carys when we were 3. We met at kindergarten. Me and Carys have been friends from the age of 3 to now. That’s a long time. Us meeting then, meant that we had a lot of time ahead of us in our lives to be friends. So we met at a young age. The age of 3, and that was at kindergarten. From there on wards, we were good friends, and still are.
I met Camille at the start of the year. 2017. It started off bumpy, but now we are friends. I felt happy, but nervous at the same time. That’s because I wasn’t sure how she was going to react about me. (Sam). After a few day we were good. Normal human beings, not being awkward, which was good. You have nothing to be scared of when meeting new people. Well not being shy. I met Carys at the age of 3, and are still really good friends. Thanks to kindergarten.

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