Sunday, 7 May 2017

BTT - Chapter 1 Journal

Mr Benkins Mrs Benkins just moved in 4 houses to the left of my home (street view). Mrs Benkins likes to smoke her pipe with the privacy of her back garden. Mr. Benkins likes to take his sports car out for fun. He would be away for hours driving up and down streets, doing donuts in the carparks and reversing over rubbish he throws out the window. They moved in a week ago and both look around the age of 27. I have evidence of Mr. Benkins doing donuts in public carparks and I will report him if he makes any move against me. They moved in because their old mansion caught on fire from Mrs. Benkins’s pipe smoke and Mr. Benkins’s insect repellent igniting. The news had made it clear that they did not want their home’s location revealed. So that is how it stays.

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