Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Bridge to terabithia Journaling Prompt

So there is a new family next door and there are 3 skinny ones and 3 round ones. The dad looks like a white marshmallow and then got slightly burnt at the top. The mum is as round as a bowling ball ready to get strike but she has weird grin on her face all the time. There are 2 sets of twins 2 brothers and 2 sisters. The brothers are identical but they don’t think alike they both have green eyes with brown short hair in a mohawk all the time. But on the other hand the 2 sisters don’t look alike but they act the same buy the same things. 1 of them has blue eyes and they has hazel one has black hair and the other had blond. But the both act the same they went to the same mall at 2 different times of the day and brought back the same things and they took a photo of the same thing and bought the same phone. But the boys are skinny and the girls are round. This family was originally from Europe but they moved here because there was a housing crisis over there and there were too many earthquakes over there as well. They are intending to stay for 3-6 months as the house they bought is too small for them so they are looking for a new house fast because they don’t think it is a nice warm welcome for family.

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