Wednesday, 17 May 2017

At Reremoana school there are options for lunch one of these options is to order your lunch and get it delivered to your classroom another one is to order it online You are going to read how to order your lunch at Reremoana school. Lunch online is faster it will show you tutorials and pretty much shows you how to do it

To order your lunch at Reremoana go to (THIS LINK) and when in it what you need to do is click on (Search Schools) Type up Reremoana school or Reremoana and then click (enter/return key on the keyboard) after that school the the tiniest amount and it should bring you to this little box called Reremoana school, a view-menu and Add-Student-To-This-School
Click on the 2nd option and it will ask you to create a account after you have finished this you can order all you have to do is click on (View-menu) as covered earlier and click what you want to order after this pick a day from wednesday to friday after you have decided your child's lunch date scroll down like we did earlier and click on (Pay & confirm order) What this will do is finish your transaction and pay for your child's lunch and that's it.

If your computer breaks down don't have internet banking or just want to do it Offline then you can read this. I will tell you how to order your lunch offline first what you have to do is get your lunch order menu to get hold of this that you should already have because your child gets one at the start of the year but if you don't have this one of the ways how to get it is go to the office and get a notice or there is one more day but it is going to the dark side my reason 1 the computer go online search up the Reremoana school website and get it. After this what you need to do is find a envelope and write on it your child's name, class and what they want after this you need to give it to your child so your child can but it in the Orange, green, or yellow lunch order box located in their class rooms. What will happen to the box is there lunch order boy/girl takes the box to the lunch order room so that the lunch order can be made for the child. If you do this online you can still pick up your lunch order from the same place, your box in the classroom.

Tuesdays there are no lunch orders on Monday and Tuesday because it's the lunch order days break but in our school we have a aims games fundraiser which supports the aim games and we have our own kind of lunch orders such as mac n cheese pizza hot dogs potato top pies riot rolls. And they all are the same price $5 but they are only on Tuesday and they are on different days so you can not get 2 things such as a hot dog and a potato top pie, you can only get one a day and mr fouri chooses what we are having on that day.

In conclusion this is how to order your lunch at school I really hoped this helped you I showed you how to do it online offline and the special awesome new Tuesday lunches.

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