Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Me and my friend were walking to school. We were talking about how it was nearly her birthday, she said to me

“I would really want a new puppy, like in that movie Bridge To Terabithia”

So after she had been talking about her birthday, we finally arrived at school. The bell had rang for lunch time, so we were eating our lunch and talking at the same time ( without our food in our mouths ). So we all got our friends together while Jasmine went to the bathroom. So we discussed about us trying to get a puppy. But we then said

“We don’t have the money to get a puppy though”

So school ended and I was waiting for Jackson and Ava to finish class ( sometimes i’m an early bird ). So they finally arrived and we all hopped onto the bus. Jasmine got a ride home from her dad. So we all were talking and all of a sudden Jackson had yelled out


We were both wondering why he said ‘stop’ so loud

He said

“Follow me”

So the bus stopped. We then followed Jackson and he brought us to a sign saying ‘PUPPIES FOR FREE’. We all looked down in the box and saw a puppy just sitting there looking hungry and thirsty. ( There was only one more puppy left ). So I grabbed it and we all walked home ( it wasn’t that far to walk ). So after they had arrived home and had ran with the puppy in my bag ( with the zip open ) and got home. So I ran and got a small bucket with some water in it. Also with some chicken. So I got the dog and got him to eat and drink a lot of water and chicken.

So Jasmine’s birthday has arrived. It was time to give her, her gift. So me Jackson and Ava gathered up to met Jasmine at her house with the surprise on the lead. So we arrived at Jasmine’s house and….


She jumped up in the air full of joy and thanked us for what we had got her. So we gave her the lead and all she said to us was


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