Sunday, 9 April 2017

Yon should join the chess club
Image result for transparent chess board The chest club is a good opportunity to do something different if you have not played it before. Chess is a good game to learn because it makes you want to think. The opportunities are good because you get to play against your mates on Fridays.

Chess is a friendly and easy game to play. Chess is a good game to play with your friends so you can set it up when you want to. Chess is a really big board game and there is lots of tournaments that are hosted. This is a good fun game to play when you want and you can have a good game and have fun while doing that.

Image result for transparent chess boardStrategy is a thing you can gain while playing chess. With chest you need strategy and with strategy you will be able to get more win against your friends.chess will allow you to think and become better and be able to memories your moves after a while. You will be able to go against harder people once you get the skills and you moves sorted but you need to know what you are doing.

If you are not that good at chess don’t worry. Chess is a hard game at first but is also a good game for collaboration so if you don’t know what to do you can learn from other people. Challenging harder people is a good way to learn because you will can know what they are going to do and stop them. Once you are better you will be able to challenge people because there is no point of trying to challenge someone when you aren't that good.

Image result for chess picturesSo if like game when you can sit down and have fun then you should join the chess club. You will be able to learn what to do get better and gain more strategy in what you do. We do it every Friday when we can and it is a good opportunity to have fun and play with you friends. With the club you are able to play against people that are you level instead of going up against the people that are better than you.

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