Sunday, 9 April 2017

Why you should join a hockey club

Why you should join a hockey club

Hockey  is one of my favourite sports to play, so I’m here to persuade you to join a hockey club. It really fun to play because you play with your friends and make more friends. If you want to play hockey people say you have to be big and strong, but no you don’t. It all about your hand movements.

If you want to play hockey it’s a game where you run run run. So it would be great for your fitness. Everywhere in the outfield you run even in the  back. There are heaps of ways to get around players, so it good for your hand movements. You can work on all of the skills. Like I said in the first paragraph you don’t have to be big to be good. If you were small it could be better. Because can get through all of the defenders.

So if you would love to join hockey club the best one I think is probably Alfristen. It does cost a lot of money but it is so worth it. It cost $160 or more. I think that it is so worth it because its two terms for $160 or more. That’s what you call a good deal.

You're probably wondering what you need to have when you play hockey if you're in goal or outfield. Well what you need for outfield is hockey shin pads, hockey stick, hockey glove if you would want for predication, and in closed shoes. For a goalkeeper you need heaps of padding but most clubs have it there for you.

That's why you could join a hockey club because you play with all your friends, it’s the best game to play, good for your fitness, increases your hand movements, it’s a long season, they supply the gear for you. That’s why you should join a hockey club.

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