Sunday, 9 April 2017

Why we should make a Drama/Acting Club.

Why we should make a Drama/Acting Club.
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If you’re like me and you like drama and acting then you should keep reading my writing peace and you should be agreeing with me, my topic is (Why we should make a drama/acting club), I like drama and acting because.

Firstly if we made a drama club it would help us with our emotions, my club would help you become more confident and brave, also you would laugh every time because it would be so funny. In my club you would feel welcomed, happy, and excited everyday till the next class.

My second reason is my club would help you make new friend’s, you even could meet someone that is best friends with you in the future, also you could meet some people that are way different than you, and you could get to know them. It’s also great for you to join my club so you could expand your cultural awareness. And help you see what other cultures are like.  

Last but not least. My club is very creative, and fun, everyone would get a chance to do something creative and at the same time it would be so much fun. No one would be bored because we would keep playing games or just acting.

This is why we all should make a drama/acting club.  

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