Sunday, 2 April 2017

Why we should change the courts.

Reremoana School needs new courts because the current ones are old and outdated. The surface is not suitable to play on. The students need more playing space during lunchtimes. If the courts are better planned we can even host sports events like house sports days.

When it is a hot day we won't be able to go onto the counts without shoes because the courts in the summer are really hot. In  the winter the courts  are really slippery and they are unavailable to play on.

Image result for safetyThink of all the room we could have if we made the courts bigger we would be able to have more kids on the courts at morning tea and at lunch time we  would not be running into each other. When it has been raining no one wants to be on the field when it is muddy so everyone wants to go on the courts and play at morning tea and lunch time.

If our courts were bigger we would be able to run games on it like host Totara and Rimu in a game of netball or any other sport. Just think when it is lunch time everyone rushes to the courts to get a hoop or to just get some space on the courts to play, but you have too be fast or you will not get any space.

Board of  trustees you need too develop the courts immediately, it is to small and not enough room to play on it .It is not a safe place too play on at lunch time and at morning tea, so please upgrade our courts.

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