Sunday, 9 April 2017

Narrative writing.

When arriving on the mall step’s the trio Rob, Amy, and Emma was amazed at the place. When they saw the price tags on items Rob’s mind turned horrible and whispered in the girl's ear’s
“look at those prices we’ll never have enough money but we could maybe steal them from the shops they should have enough to spare.”    
as the girl’s looked to the nearest shop they both snapped at him
“Sound’s good to me it would so expensive otherwise”
So they walk up the stairs to the most expensive shop of all the jewelers  and tried to take one of the diamonds on the counter as walked out casually then everything turned bad, when going out of the shop the alarm went off, they started to run but the person behind the counter jumped over and grabbed an ak-47, and chased them they were going down  the stairs amy deiced it would quicker to jump off so she did but the man had fired a single shot and it implanted into her brain as she was in mid-air  blood sprayed from the wound in her head on others they all screamed and screamed when blood and a dead body fell from the sky, Rob and Emma ran out of the building and all the way to Rob’s house when the man got outside and ran down the street they were already inside the building.
“Rob that was mad Amy bloody died what were you thinking”
“Hey at least I got the 52 karat diamond ring”
The man came to his senses as he saw that the window was open in the house and broke the door in half and stumbled inside of the building he shouted.
“Where are you little naughty piggies I will shoot and reload and the house will go down”
Amy and Rob thought for a long time but shouted NO! So that left the man no choice he called Donald trump to send a missile as it flew over it went into the house and boom the house fell down and crumbled into little pieces Rob managed to crawl out of the rubble and run away he ran and ran he got to the wall of MEXICO!!! Which is a very long way from the mall and climbed it and jumped over but the Mexican police were there and tasered him in mid air then the man from the counter told DONALD TRUMP to blow up the whole of MEXICO so he did now there is no such thing as Mexico

“Kids that is how Mexico is no more and we are at war all because of that kid he made my  home  not real so my lovely grandad poked holes in his body till he died and all the blood poured out into the missile shell and hit d trump with that  kid’s blood“

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