Sunday, 2 April 2017


“Emma hurry up would you! You always take so long to just put a bit of makeup on” Yelled Amy in front of the bedroom door. Emma stomped out of her room in anger and yanked her keys off the key hook, Amy followed behind. Emma started the car, then Amy opened the garage door. “Be home before 10.00” yelled mum from the edge of the kitchen.

“I wonder what Robs doing right now?” asked Emma, “Yea I wonder” replied Amy rolling her eyes.  Emma pulls up in Rob’s driveway, she told Amy to stay in the car, “Yea yea I know the drill, hop out of the front and get into the back, just go” Said Amy with attitude. Rob hops into the car and Emma glares at him, then he glared back with a little wink. Emma drives off.
Rob, Emma, and Amy are on the motorway, which means only a couple of minutes left. Rob asked Amy “Do you love your sister”, then Emma glares at her in an angry look, “Yes I do, she is one of the nicest sisters in the world” (Sarcasm!!). parked in the parking lot, and wonderd “It’s not really busy around here today” So then Emma asked Amy something politely “Amy why don't you go spend some money somewhere far away from us,and be back at the front door before 4” Amy replied “Yes Emma”. Amy was wondering off when she looked behind her, there was someone beside the car, he was looking very suspicious, Amy wondered “Maybe I should just stay here for a while” Then 2 minutes later, he broke the window open, the glass fell on the seat Rob was on. “I have to go and tell Emma, but she said not to go near her, ugh this is serious I have to go and tell her”. Then Amy catches up with Emma and Rob ,she grabs their attention and told Emma someones trying to take the car, Emma doesn't believe her, but she checked just in case. There he was robbing the car! Rob runs out and punches the guy right in the snozzle, but then the robber pulls a dangerous gun out, (that shouldn’t be around this mall), and then Rob surrenders to the dangerous gun, but… Rob get’s back up and he can hear the police coming, and he leaped to grab him until the police pulled up.

Rob handed him in, and the police decided to pay for the damage, and all the glass in the car. Emma was so proud of both Rob💖 and Amy. so then Emma shouted dinner for the next couple of days. Emma and Rob became in love and Amy lives in a great life.  

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