Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Life as a puzzle

I always relied on my parents, everything was up to them, until now. All the truth in life had just been spilled, piled on top of me, as if I was a garbage bin. It had all disappeared, gone, flushed down the drain, everything I believed, everything I thought, and everything I dreamed, I am no longer who I thought I was.
Being six years old at the time I had always thought that I would always be mummy's little girl. After dad went to war, all I could think of was what the terrible future the world might bring me. I was no longer your happy little girl, I was now stone hearted with no joyful feelings.
I wanted nothing more of this, so I ran away, toppling and stumbling down the rocky road. I started crying, realising what I had done. Looking down at my knees I remember what my mum would have done from this situation. I burst into tears, feeling the need of comfort from her, and if the next thing that had taken place didn’t happen, I would have perished.

Being 5 years since I haven't seen my parents, hasn’t bother me at all, I have mostly forgotten them, except for this one faint picture of my mum and I. Being raised by wolves, I grew up knowing how to act, like a animal, and for 5 years that was the only way I knew how to act. Even though I could not do most things that the wolves could do I still stuck at it and gave it a go. We were practically a family. And even though it was completely safe something didn’t feel right, it felt like every time I did something I was being watched. Not by the wolves, but by something else.

Life has been a puzzle since I have been stranded in the woods, with the wolves. I’m just missing pieces, I’m a broken puzzle, waiting to be put back together. I was curious to find out what adventures would take place next. And this is when disaster struck, the wolves howled, echoing through the trees, soon turning and fleeing away from the enemy, and by the time I knew what was happening it was too late. I started digging my way through the rocks, going through everything I had learnt being a wolf, the only problem was, I was missing the features of a wolf.

Struggling to get through I hear a shotgun. They were hunters, they ran through the woods destroying mother nature's creation, cutting everything down in their path, ruining every part of my home. My heart pounded like a drum, I was losing circulation in my body, I became faint, and BANG! I fell to the floor eyes shutting down, mouth quivering, and body twitching in shock. I had just been shot, shot in the leg, not to be used anytime soon again. Limping as fast as I can I run towards the light, trying to find a way out of the forest, and BANG fall to the floor again, paralyzed, and majorly damaged, how did they not know I was a human too?...

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