Thursday, 6 April 2017

Join Rosehill Raptors today.

Join Rosehill Raptors today.

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You should join Rosehill Raptors today. It is a basketball club that helps all ages from year 3-6, 7-8 and 15+. It will benefit you in so many different ways such as improving your fitness, working on your team skills and improves your hand eye coordination. It’s an hour long training for all ages and any skill level and a lot of fun.

It is good for you fitness. Running up and down the court. When we do drills it's not going to kill you they're not easy but they're not hard. The coaches that run the Rosehill Raptors make the drills fun. Like having a two attacks and one defender. It feels good when you're the defender and you get the ball. When we warm up we shoot hoops and dribbly that warms up our body and arms so we don’t pull any muscles.     Image result for basketballImage result for friendship

When playing a sport with a club makes you work better as a team. I think that collaboration is a very good skill for kids so when they're older they know how to socialize with other people. When warming up you could pass with other kids in the team that you haven’t met before. Then you could make new friends. When doing drills with two defenders and three attackers you collaborate with the other defender to get the ball.

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Going to raptors training is good for your hand eye coordination. It’s good for looking up will you are dribbling and controlling the ball. When you do cross overs it uses both sides of your brain to keep the ball under control. If you are right handed it will be easier to bounce the ball with your right hand but if you start to dribble with your left hand as well then both arms will be strong and you won’t have to look down when dribbling.                    

That's why I think that you should join Rosehill Raptor because it’s good fitness, good teamwork and hand eye coordination. So now that you know the benefits of the Rosehill raptors when are you going to sign up.  

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