Sunday, 9 April 2017

Join my club PACIFICA

Join My Club!

Pacifica is a fun and exciting cultural experience to collaborate with other students and learn new dances everyday. It gives people the chance to learn a new language and to enjoy. So I believe that students should join my club because it is full of cultural experience!

Students should join my club (Pacifica) because it gives people the chance to learn a new language. I believe that students should learn a new language because it gives them the chance to at least know a ‘language’. It is a good idea to consider your child to at least speak a language because it would help them understand what it’s like to know a language. For example: Image result for samoan people
Talofa lava, loʻu igoa o Camille, ma fasi o aʻu tusitusiga i lenei.

Image result for samoan culture danceWorking collaboratively is something that everybody can do. In Pacifica we tend to work collaboratively all the time  because of all the learning that we do. When we work as a class it helps us with our collaborating skills because not only the teacher teaches us but also the students who know it.

Image result for samoan culture danceLearning a new siva or sasa is fun and great experience. In the pacifica club all the girls will learn the siva even if they are year 3 and year 4’s. A Samoan word for a particular group dance is called a sasa. The sasa can be performed by both males and females in a seated position or standing. Hand movements are used from activities taken from everyday life.The whole class will be gathered around and can be able to create their own movements to go with the sasa. Creating a dance with other students is very fun because you all have ideas for what you should be doing and joining those ideas. It will be shared and will be combined altogether and make one big dance.

Therefore I believe that you should join my club because it is a natural and fun club to join. The reason for this is because you can be learning 2-3 languages ,and a sasa or a siva.

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