Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Join the gaming club

      Join the gaming club

xbox 260.jpgHave you ever thought of joining a club well I got a club you will enjoy, the gaming club we never have meetings we only have to sit on our couches and do an xbox hangout and then we will have meetings that way.

If you are wondering how you get in you have to play some of the elite people in our team and if you win your in the club if you lose you have to wait 1 week before you can try again.
We will only have meetings on xbox live hangout calls so we don’t have to book out a meeting place and plus it is just really cheap to do this.

If you are wanting to know what games we play we usually play call of duty bo2 or bo3 we have tournaments to see if someone can rank up from member to gamer then pro gamer to elite gamer when you reach elite gamer you still participate in tournaments but if you lose 5 games as an elite gamer you go down one rank but then if you lose twice you start from member rank all over again if you are the first five people to join you immediately battle each other to see which one of you is best than I chose what rank you get.

If you are wondering what days we play we play on sundays and fridays, sundays are for tournaments and fridays are just for fun.
The club starts on the 3rd of march 2018 people can start joining the club on the 8th of may

In the end you will get an opportunity to join a club and have some fun and so ou can stay out of trouble.

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