Wednesday, 5 April 2017

I think that you should join a chess club

You should join a chess club.
How lucky are you if you have the opportunity to do something                 
so awesome as chess.
Chess does not just only develop your brain it develops your mind, it helps you think ahead, socialize with other people and last but not least, You can be in competitions with other people              for the same activity.

This game mently challenges you ever since chess hit the Indian brain game scene 1,500 years ago, it has been with brainiacs and the super intelligent people of the world. Even today, the crowning
Image result for people socializing over chess cartoonachievement of Intelligence is the creation of a computer that can defeat a human. Countless studies have been done on the effect of playing chess on children’s development.

If you are bad at most things and you miss out in competitions this opens up a chance for you. You can versus other schools coutys or even in school challenges that you can be in a competition with but good at chess you can have a go with other schools. It's a great opportunity for you and others to veres each other, this will put a great mark on reremoana for smarts not just  sports. Chess is a great game why don't give it ago? We have about 15 people added to the chess group + the last one we are using all  the boards and everyone is having a great time.
If you just don't want to play because you think that the pawn looks bad or any piece, then you can get the simpson chess or almost any one.

This is why I think that you all should play chess. Because it will mentally help you there are all different chess clubs you can join and socialize with other people, and you can be in computations with your club or any other clubs.

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