Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Why we should wear uniform to school:

School uniform has many advantages and disadvantages. It depends on what the students have to think about the uniform like “why are we having to wear it,why do we look the same ,why,why,why!”but I believe that we should wear our school uniform because it respects our school in many different ways and it can also help distinguish people from other students,make them feel equal,and make them proud of their school.
Uniforms have quality to at least last for a year. So parents wouldn't have to spend hundreds of hundreds of dollars just to buy new clothing every single weekend or on Thursdays. We all know that sometimes uniform can fade into the colour that is not a loud in the school,but parents won't have to spend that much money they would just have to buy 2-3 pairs of shorts,pants,or tops. So less spending and sometimes with that money you could also save a lot of money to buy something else useful for school(stationery).

It could help the bullying problem because kids can sometimes get bullied by their clothes or their style,but if all the kids had the same clothing on(uniform)they wouldn’t get singled out and bullied for their style and clothing. Also if kids had worn regular clothes,they basically have no restriction in how they dress which leads to promiscuity. Promiscuity can  distract other students from paying attention in school like if they were doing a test and they maybe got them a low grade.
My final reason is that students will represent reremoana school by wearing the correct uniform and to show other schools that we too represent our school. Like if we were going to a sport event or any other kind of event we would wear uniform right but if we weren’t wearing uniform we would be getting asked the same question all the time what school do you come from. So it is good to represent your own school and respect your uniform!
Therefore I believe that we should wear uniform. Wearing school uniform has many advantages,especially when you respect your school and uniform. As like mufti you have to choose a style or look every night and find out what your going to wear tomorrow. So if you still want to wear mufti to school well think again have I persuaded you enough to wear uniform for a change i'm sure I have.

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