Wednesday, 22 March 2017

why we should have a new court

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Why we should buy a new court, because the court is always crowded and people always bump into people's games and people. We have a lot of hazards on the court. The hazards that we have now, are the wire on the top of the concrete wall, the tennis net doesn’t have brake wheels on it and the court wire on the outside has ripped up wire, and the little kids can crawl through it and might scratch themselves or hurt them.
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If we get a new court we will still have some hazards, but at least we can fit the
basketball or netball, have more space and won’t bump into someone. But the only thing is that we might not have the money to buy the court and get it done by the builders. If the courts are crowded then we could put a gate so it doesn't get crowded. Maybe the little kids could have the old court and the new court could be for the year 7-8 kids. And we could make the year 7-8 a turf court so it doesn't hurt as much when you fall over.

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