Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Why junk food should not be allowed at school.

Why junk food should not be allowed at school.

I believe junk food should be banned from school because it could cause bad conditions and could lead to Cancer, Diabetes, Heart disease, high blood pressure and heaps more bad conditions for the body, junk food is really unhealthy we should start making healthier decisions.
Junk food leads to too much bad diseases. Many people get sick or diabetes from junk food every year because they have too much sugar and fatness food, this can cause heart damage and brain damage that leads to your learning and your life, junk food makes you lose your mind.
Not only junk food is bad for your body it wastes your money, you could put that money to fun activities in your life, what you feed yourself when you’re younger can affects when you're older, your body is like a car but you need to put the right fuel into it to help it run well.   

Inconclusion: I think we should not have Junk food at school because 1. junk food is bad for you 2. junk food leads to bad health 3.  you could spend the money on something better and fun. So these are the reasons why we should not have junk food at school.  By Caitlin

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