Thursday, 9 March 2017

Why junk food should be banned at school

Why junk food should be banned at school

Everyone must love junk food. Well I definitely do. It much better than greens. Well it’s not good for you though.  There heaps of reason why it’s good for you and bad for you, but the I think that junk food should be banned for Reremoana school. There’s a big list of junk food like bacon, cakes, pizza, ice cream and hotdogs. I could just keep going on. I’m not saying you have to stop eating  junk food, I’m just saying you can’t have it everyday. Have it for like a treat.

There are things like breakfast cereals. They seem innocent enough, but some of them could definitely be considered junk food. They mostly contain sugar or high-fructose corn syrup and white flour or milled corn. If you eat too much sugar you will get sugar diabetes, and maybe die. That’s why it’s not good to eat to much of sugar.

You need to spend money to get junk food. If you eat junk food every day you will have to keep buying and buying junk food. You will most likely kill your wallet ( have no money left ) During childhood, bones are developing. Without enough serious defects in bone development. In addition to the lack of calcium in junk food, many junk foods contain high levels of sugar and fat. This can weaken bones.

So that's why we should ban junk food at Reremoana school you could get diabetes go poor and weaken your bones

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