Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Why Junk food contains too much Junk ...
The percentage of Overweight, and obese adults in New Zealand is a whooping 66%, unfortunately going up from 50% over the past 33 years. What we need to realise is what we put into our growing bodies is what we get out, and it especially has a massive impact on our health and our physical appearance on how we may look as an adult, which is caused by junk food.
Jealousy  on physical appearances is getting to frequent. Junk food can lead to life changing diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and could potentially lead to strokes.  An occasional treat can be accepted, but the constant junk that you put in your body  isn’t acceptable.
There's always a way around eating junk food, even swapping the food, for a healthier version. Use Chips as an example, chips are one of the most common, and highly liked junk foods. But if we swapped the chips, for example,kumara chips, not only are we eating healthier, we have the advantage of a slow releasing protein, whilst having our favourite food!
If one of your reasons is to why you eat endless amounts of junk food, is because you don’t have a say in what your parents prepare you for dinner, then think about your options. Research or ask your companions what they have for dinner, take a healthy option that you think you  and or your family would like to try,  and show them, because you never know until you try.
Flexibility, strength, and fitness. We’re all young children, and one day we will be adults. All of the sports and fitness that we do, prepares us to be the strong adults that we aim to be, but all this junk food will have the most interference over anything else that could ruin all of our hard work. It could cause issues with being selected into sports teams. You may have the best batting skills out on the cricket pitch, although not being able to physically make a run sends bad ideas to your coach, and eventually  your team mates.  
To conclude, I’d like to give your reassurance as to, being physically and potentially happy, comes back down to feeding your body the right foods. The diseases, and disappointment of not being able to take opportunities, isn’t worth having to experience, over having kfc, instead of a typical healthy meal.

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