Wednesday, 22 March 2017

We should get new school courts

Why we should get new school courts

We need new school courts because our school court is extremely old. It is in very bad shape and needs some much needed attention. There are a number of reasons why our courts need fixing.

We should get new school courts because it is in a safety hazard. The reason why I believe we need an upgrade on our school courts is because there are multiple cracks that are growing in size as time goes on. This is a concern for our school netball and basketball players as they are more prone to injure themselves on the court while playing sport. We have had an increase on our student injuries over the past year resulting in grazed knees and twisted ankles. It causes our students to not perform to their best ability as they are fearful of the injuries that can occur.

Buying a new court is really expensive. There are a number of ways to help fundraise for the school courts. Some of my ideas include a gala day where we can invite the community (weekend) and a gold coin donation for a mufti day at school. We should also do a competition,where people pay five dollars to get a turn on a inflatable obstacle course where they compete against a person. It is a really good idea to do something for the courts.

School presentability will affect other parents. The parents will get frustrated and angry because the school court is not suitable for the kids or students to play on. That is why we need to cover it with astroturf instead of concrete. Astroturf is a good idea because then when they fall it’s not going to be as painful as concrete. (e.g. it could be used for hockey,soccer,and other). Reremoana school courts will get flooded so we should get astroturf immediately.

Therefore I believe we should get new school courts because it would be beneficial for the future of our school. It will make a major impact  on the ability for our students to perform their best when playing on our school courts and it will also make our school more presentable.

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