Monday, 20 March 2017

We should get new courts

                       We need new courts

Dear board of trustees, have you ever thought we should get some new all weather courts so we can prevent accidents from happening and have a few tournaments in reremoana this is good opportunity for us all but we just don't have enough space.

Primarily we need new courts, because it is a currently a safety hazard right now the netball ourts are going one way and basketball the other so we will bump into each other anymore we will also not get injured and have to go to the sick bay and we have the weather turf which will prevent accidents a lot and we will be separated from the netballers.

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To continue we can host competitions at our school such as the counties or just a friendly school competition. And the other kids can watch reremoana school students win all the competitions and they don’t have all the fun so we can enjoy it to this will be great to have an all weather turf so whether its rain or shine we can watch them play.
Last but not least more people can enjoy the court’s and Image result for basketball transparentthose netballers can just stay on the old courts while the basketball and hockey players can enjoy the new turf and instead of having basketball games at the rec centre.

In the end this will help us out heaps and everyone will enjoy this so we should get these new courts.

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