Wednesday, 22 March 2017

We should get better courts

We should get better courts

We should get better courts, the court is small, and plain. We need courts that are, bigger, funner, richer, and we need space for our games too. Our school is getting bigger and better and we need to upgrade our courts so that we each get space to play games. We even could play against other school’s. And add hockey into our school we could do so much amazing things if we just added new courts.  

If we got new courts then we could make the basketball hoops and the  netball hoops further away from each other so that it would be more safe to play games. We also could make some hoops for the smaller kids so that they could reach the hoops to throw the ball in.

Also the hoops and the cross gates are poor, they break easily and there very old. We need new hoops, new cross gates, and new poles. We could make them colourful, and the poles could be more stronger, and the cross gates we could get new ones that don’t break easily.

Another thing is our sports gear. When we play sports our hockey sticks scrapes against the ground and it ruins the hockey sticks when you’re like rolling the ball to another player. Also when you play basketball the ground is very bumpy and there's small rocks on the ground so when you bounce the ball it goes right up to your face, and it's very annoying.

The last thing I wanted to talk about is if we added better space for netball and basketball we could even add some turfs for hockey games, and invite other schools around to play against us. That would be so much fun to add hockey.

Conclusion: I believe Reremoana School should have new courts. Because I think it's a great idea, and also it would make our school a better place to be in. Sincerely Caitlin.

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