Wednesday, 22 March 2017

We need an upgrade to our courts now
Are the courts getting old? Well we need a change. The courts are getting old and it is really bad because there are some cracks that are starting to happen and they are hazards. cracks in the courts means you could get really injured. The courts need redoing because it will make it easier for the different sports and there will be less injures than what there is. Because of the courts we are able to practise basketball and netball but the problem is the lines. With a change to the courts then you can play more games at once with no collisions and injuries.

With a new courts we will be able to practise our sports with no accidents and no injuries. The netball and basketball team will be able to practice at the same time without having people run into each other. Right now the lines on the court are mixed with each other and is it hard to see what lines are for game. The courts will be used for what is for and there will not be people using it for other sports because it is making less space for practise.

We need space for safety but there is not enough. We can practice and play games at lunch but there is lots of people doing the same thing in different places which is creating less space. With space people will be able to  play their sport and there will be no injures. With courts for different sports people will be able to play what they are and there will not be any interference with the other people and people getting annoyed. The courts are good but there is no space little kids are playing games and big kids are playing games. With everyone playing games then everyone is happy but there is a big change someone can get pushed over on accident.

We can create friendly games with schools or have fun at lunch with our friends. With the bigger court and different sports we will be able to make up our own friendly games. The games can be with the school and we can invite other schools to play. We will be able to see what we need to learn as we play other people. We will be able to play friendly games with our mates and get better at lunch and morning tea. With more space we can have the different teams on different places at once and every one happy. With the tournament we can invite schools to have a fun day and learn our weaknesses and strengths, but also have a good time.

Our courts need an upgrade so say yes!  Our courts are to small and we need an upgrade, but that's not it. With a new court there is a less chance of injuries because we will not have the courts packed and people falling over. Now that you will be able to create no more problems then you can fix them. You just need to add a bit more time and process to work and create more space, for no more injures.

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