Wednesday, 22 March 2017

We Need to fix our courts

We need to fix our courts!!!

Dear Board of Trustees

wouldn't having new courts be better? We need to fix our courts, because, right now they're in horrible condition. lots people don't like our old court anymore, because their are too many sports that we are wanting to practice, but we just can’t because 1 the lines are faded 2 they are bad for our sports that we do, and 3 it hurts our feet standing on the boiling hot, concrete.

Screenshot 2017-03-22 at 11.48.53 AM.png
Reremoana school courts
If we fix up our courts we could hold some tournaments here we could even have basketball seasons here. But it’s just not suitable for playing on right now. When we play basketball, the lines smash with the netball lines, which means we don’t even know what lines to use while we play. We need to make two separate courts, so that there is a side of the court for the people that wanna play basketball, and for the people that want to play netball and the lines won’t merge and it's not counfusing. we put shelter on the courts, then we can play all day on the courts because, we can actually play outside on the courts while it’s raining and we won’t be complaining having to watch movies. When we play after it has rained, a lot of people are playing in the puddles, down by the corner and then people are slipping when there playing and getting grases on there knees and elbows because of the rain.

The hoops are in no good condition, there ropes are half ripped. Even though the hoops aren’t important, people still use them, like the netball hoops don’t even have nets around them. The court is a hazard with all the kids falling down and getting “scratches” on their knees,  and elbows, so we need an astro turf so that it’s less hazard able and nobody will get hurt, plus it will be a soft fall as well!

When we fundraiser we earn money and when we earn money, we get to put it towards the courts, so we could have another gala, these galas always turn out popular and never goes down, If we have a gala, we could put a AstroTurf on the court because we fundraise, we fund raise for the aims games and camp every year, this year if we have leftover money from any of those fundraisers we could put it towards the court for an AstroTurf. During the past few years, we have built and fixed up some classes, then we haven’t even touched the courts yet. The courts  has faded and our school just doesn't look new anymore, if we rebuild the court, the more students that will want to play on the court.

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