Wednesday, 22 March 2017


We  should make our courts bigger


I think that we should make our courts bigger because it is becoming a problem when the netball girls want to play netball when the basketball boys are playing in our space. We need to make them bigger because we can play tournaments here at our school instead of going to other schools to play tournaments and much more.

You know how we always go on hockey tournaments, netball tournaments and more, instead of going to other school’s to practice. But if we make the courts bigger then we can play tournaments here at our own school and invited other schools instead of always going to other school or other public places doing the tournaments and making it cost money for transport to get to were we need it go.                  
If we make our courts bigger then we can make it astroturf and make it all year round courts. If we will be able to make it all year round courts and put astroturf in the it will become safer than what it is now. There will be less students going to the office every day, having scrapes on their elbows and knees saying they fell on the courts.If we make our courts bigger there will be more space because then you can make two or three netball courts next to each other and then we can basketball courts on a different side and with the remaining bit that is left of the courts  you can make it just a normal piece of turf so the we can play on that when the netball courts and basketball courts are being used then we can still play on the other peice of court.  When we make the courts bigger it will cost money that does not fall out of the sky you actually have to pay working money for and that will cost $100,000 but we can fundraise to help pay for our courts to be made bigger. We can fundraise by holding a school disco that pays to make our courts bigger.We can also do some bake sales that each student from year 1-8 brings one plate of baking and then the money we get will go towards the courts and there is a lot more ways to fundraise and put money forward the courts.

Now that you know my opinion about making our courts bigger and better by putting a turf in to cover the whole court and make it slip free, then we will  be able to play tournaments and you will make all the students at reremoana school happy by separating the basketball courts from the netball courts. DON’T FORGET we will all help you fundraise so that we all get what we want A BIGGER AND BETTER COURT.   
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