Wednesday, 22 March 2017


The courts are so poorly designed and no one wants a court like this. We can develop better skills and play tournaments with other schools. This court is a huge safety hazard so read why we need better courts.

The basketball hoops and the netball hoops are in the middle of each other this is a safety hazard. When playing both games, you slide into the hoop, or each other, and have a terrible accident. This court is a huge safety hazard, but if you have the court how i'm thinking, you don't need to change the design much at all accept the floor and the hoops, it will be turfed and people wont be hurting there self any more when they fall. Everyone will be playing netball and basketball. All you have to do is make a separate court, there will be one basketball court and one netball court. Another reason is that the Gurkha (Big people playground) is closed right now it has been for all year so far, this will give us something to play on in the meantime.

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If we get this court we can develop better skills. We have two hockey courts now, so hockey people can get better, but if we have this so can basketball and netball how great would that be. We can win more games and get a better name for our school if we have this.

So basketball people can get skills such as dribbling, shooting running, passing, jumping the list goes on but this gives us a chance to win more.

My last reason is how cool would it be if we can host a basketball game or a netball game at this school.
We can have this for us to vs each other or for other schools to vs each other. Everyone can come from there schools, and we can have huge competitions. We can do basketball or net ball for team sports. We can have all weather sports so we can host games for all season. Money wont be too bad because we can host mufti days, or a bake sale, or even a gala.

That's why I think that we can get a court because of the
safety hazed/ poorly designed we can devolve better skills also we can play torments with other schools.

(Link to my google docs)

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