Sunday, 19 March 2017


Dear board of trustees.
The school courts.The school courts are way too small to be a proper court, we should build a new court to make it better for everyone.Our school court that we have right now is really bad and small, the lines are fading and everything is muddled up, the Basketball court is caught in the Netball lines and it is just so confusing.
My opinion is that we should get separate basketball court and separate Netball court to make it easier and more understandable.Our courts right now are not up to the good standard the fences have holes in it. If you go to another school and look at their court it is top QUALITY.
Our court is too small, have you seen our court, it is tiny compared others, we need an upgrade. We need to get multiple courts for Netball, basketball and other sports like tennis.Right now I'm sure you would agree with me
I know that it would be a lot of money but not if we have fundraisers and sausage sizzles I know that we can make this happen.If we get new courts we can make different spots for different year groups, so the Kereu team gets the biggest court and the Kiwi team, Tui team and the Pukeko team get the other one to help stop crowds of kids and teachers going to the same court.
The school courts have mini dents which are not good and the school court is right next to houses and we always hit balls over the fence all the time and the parents must get mad, And nobody wants an angry mum coming over making complaints about the school.
The school courts are just the beginning we can make even more adjustment to the school which will make more parents interested in joining the school, this is why we should get NEW COURTS!.

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