Monday, 6 March 2017

The mechanic that got robbed“Cling clong” On a very sunny day, there was a very hard working sweaty, mechanic. He was fixing a car, while his neighbour (the shop next to him) was in New Caledonia for a family holiday. Jack was watching the shop while they were gone for a couple of days. Jack was working on one of his customers cars.

Jack found that there was a wire in the tire, he had to grab it out and put the spare one on so that the road or the car gets damaged during the drive back to the customer's house. So then jack fixed the car and changed the tire and the customer, was able to go off home. Then Jack spotted a guy in his car parked suspiciously parked up close to Julie's (the owner of the store) store, he kept looking inside of the store.

Jack decided to go and check him out, but before Jack got to the camera (just in case the guy robbed the store) The robber had already smashed the window with a brick, he was stealing at the cash register, stealing a bunch of money from the cash register. Jack got in with his camera to film for the police just in case he did steal a lot and that he would be red handed. Jack yelled  “hey leave the money the police are coming, and then he ran to his car, but jack got him before he could get out. The police arrived just when he caught him, the criminal and he was brought to justice.

Julie got back from her vacation with her family, with a fixed window all the cash is sorted out, the brick is gone, and the glass is off the floor, all because of Jack, she asked him about his week he asked her, and then Jack told Julie. Julie was disappointed but then she has her money and the window is fixed as well. jack has done a great deed, and he got rewarded by the police for capturing the criminal, and he got $5000, for repairing the window and capturing the bad guy.

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