Thursday, 9 March 2017

Stop junk food at Reremoana school


At Reremoana school there is so much sugary food floating around, In students lunch boxes, the lunch order room, and even in frequent fundraisers. So much junk food is affecting our students much more than we realise. The amount of students visiting the dentist on a daily basis is increasing by the day, and more and more students are walking around with braces.

Unhealthy food like junk food is bad for you. A bad diet can lead to childhood obesity, and other problems too, such as poor concentration, tooth decay and vitamin deficiencies. Pretty much every nutritional expert will tell you not to eat any processed food or fast foods for your body to function properly, you need quality nutrients. Eating too many carbohydrates such as hamburger buns,fries and pizza will affect your mood and many case anxiety.

I believe healthy eating and better nutrition should be encouraged in schools and at home.The longer a kid or teenager continues their fast food habit,the more nutrient deficiencies they will have risk of disease increases when the majority of your diet is food to avoid like fast food.Weight gain and blood sugar spikes often go together just as obesity and diabetes.

Obesity is on the increase in the developed world, and that includes rising childhood obesity. In the UK it is predicted that over 20% of 2-15 year old will be obese by 2010. It is important to fight obesity as it causes many health problems and can lead to early death through heart disease, diabetes and strokes.

If we start eating healthier food then you would become fitter and you can it will become easier on your heart because if you are eating unhealthy food every day you get fat and it gets hard on your heart to work and if your heart stops then you die. Do you really want to die at this young age? I definitely know that I would not want to die at this young age because of my heart stopping and me being to fat.

So if you don't want to get fat, get diabetes, have a stroke of have health problems then I would consider not eating so much junk food.

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