Thursday, 23 March 2017

School courts need an upgrade

School courts  need an Upgrade!
Dear Boarder Trustee's,

How do you like the courts? Well we think they need an upgrade. Because it is a safety hazard. Netballers and Basketballers end up running into each other and also fundraising would be easy for us. Also the aims games are getting bigger and bigger each year at Reremoana school and our futsal and hockey team had to go to strathallen to train.
There are so many ways that you could hurt yourself on the court.One of the ways is running into the netball hoops and or any pole.Your head will hurt for a long time after that.Another way is that you could fall over and hurt yourself and possible get it infected.We could layer the courts with astro turf so when we fall over we won’t hurt us badly.But that bad tarsal will get you scrapes and cuts.

Basketballers and Netballers end up running into each other at trainings. The netballers will be playing horizontally across the court and the basketballers will be training vertically up the court. So we end up losing training space on the court.In my opinion the courts were badly designed. I mean who in the right mind would make a netball court all in one, and why didn’t they just use the other half of the court as a netball court.  

Fundraising-If we upgrade our courts we could make it so people could hire it out for trainings. Then we could make good profit for the courts.As it will cost over $10,000. We can fundraise to make all the money as well.Such as a school gala over the past few years we have been making lots of money. An other idea is that we could hold a raffle you put in $2 and then you get a hamper or something along the lines.We would make major profit from that. I mean seriously if we can fundraise for aim’s games and camp then this shouldn’t be a big deal.

Aims games is getting bigger and bigger at Reremoana school.Last year we had futsal,hockey, and netball.Now we have futsal,hockey,netball and hip hop dance group.Last we didn’t even have enough transport to take all of the futsal and hockey teams over to strathallan so some people had to miss out on training. Having that court would make our school a lot easier for us to train on and also we wouldn’t have people missing out on their precious training time.

So that is why we believe that we need better courts. One it is a safety hazard, two Basketball and Netball games and trainings end up colliding, Three fundraising would be easy for us and four aims games is getting bigger and bigger at Reremoana school.So that is why we need better courts.

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