Thursday, 9 March 2017

Save yourself from it - BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE

Junk Food is known for causing health problems some can lead to death, if not sometimes depression. Kids who go to school are WAY too young to be dealing with health problems and should be saved from this suffering. This is why kids should stay healthy and not eat Junk Food in school !

As you now know or already knew - Junk Food can lead to health problems. One of the most popular ones being Obesity, Obesity has a lot of symptoms to it. Two of them being Osteoarthritis and strokes, no child is ready to deal with this, no child needs to deal with this. Kids our age should cut down on the junk food before it is too late ! 

School photos are some people's favorite part of school. IMAGINE the photographers tell your mate to smile but you can’t because your teeth are rotten. Why you may ask ? Because of the sugary treats they have eaten. Kids will probably not want to go to school anymore with rotten teeth anymore because of their teeth, sure they might have brushed their teeth before but toothpaste can handle mass amounts of sugar. Note that these sugary sweets are TREATS not something to have every single day, BALANCE IT OUT.

In the 60’s only 1% of the world's population was diagnosed with diabetes, it has now risen to 9.3%. over 240,000 of them are from New Zealand and most of them being Maori or people of the pacific. Now New Zealand is in 12th place for diabetic countries, the sad thing is - that that study was conducted on people from age 1 - 14.

Us kids should not be dealing with diabetes, obesity nor rotten teeth, especially in our age group.We should not be on the list for countries with diabetes ! Save your self, tell your friends - Before you get older and IT'S TOO LATE ! 

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