Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Our court needs a update ...


Senior students don’t feel like we’re getting the extra facilities to use or play on, considering  the new turfs mainly cater for the younger kids of our school.
This is mainly because of where they're situated. Although the court is used by all ages for Reremoana, games can’t be played to the best of their ability because of the way it is these days.  Old, Tired, and not a place for games of any sought to be played on.

The painted lines on our court, once displayed the needed lines for sports, and games. However now they have faded immensely and you can’t decide which painted line, is the right painted line.

What needs to be realised, is instead of continuously having to study which line is the right one , there is a major solution. Adding weather turf in the courts place. Weather turf is mainly found with sports directed schools who really excel in their sport, which practically speaks our name. Considering our school has recently found a love for hockey, the sport would end up being one of our most popular and best sports, looking at the talent we already have now.  

Aims games is becoming bigger and bigger for Reremoana each year, and it is a shame that Reremoana doesn’t have the appropriate facilities to cater for our teams. Our school had to pay Strathallen to provide a space for the Hockey and Futsal teams to train on, when the money could’ve been saved and put towards putting in our own turf.
Yes, all good things come with a cost, and yes we are all aware of that. However with all of the possible fundraisers that could be held throughout our community we can come up with the money if it's well spent, and efficiently organised.

Fundraising ideas could include ;

A bingo night organised by the student councillors,
A colour run
School annual Gala
Community wide raffle tickets to be sold.
Wearable arts competion - (personally my favourite option I've come up with) .
Not including what other pupils could come up with, those are some of the main fundraisers that were at the top of my head.

You may be thinking, that we aren’t realising that the rugby field is our neighbor over other teams. But we do realise it,  considering it is fortunately big enough to cater for all students of the school. However having the two turfs and soccer field situated altogether doesn’t give older kids the opportunity, so why can’t the court?

At the paint selling shop, re-sense, standard paint is mainly $35 or more. Although, that's not including discounts for being a school, or when they're having a discount. This could go towards painting the court, or even, painting the weather turf.

I randomly selected 5 kids from my table and asked, if the court was replaced by weather turf, but would still display the same lines as the court once did, would you use it more often. Everyone  said yes, and immediately thought of the sports teams being able to train and play there.
Having to experience the pain of being hurt from falling over etc at the court, is just what comes with a court, there's no way around it. However, with the weather turf, cuts and grazes of all sort can't happen, which can solve all problems due to injuries that take place on the court .

To conclude I'd like to give you reassurance as to, having weather turf, can help our sporting teams have major improvements , and encourage kids to use the space more often. The turf can be treated the way it should be treated, and the endless cuts and grazes won’t be made with the school or turf  at fault. Having weather turf in the courts place can lead to whole new side to our school, and a side without cuts grazes or injuries because of the schools physicality's.

Ashley Pollock 

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