Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Reremoana School Courts Need An Upgrade!

To Whom it may concern,

Our school's facilities are out of date, especially the courts. You can wreck equipment such as hockey sticks dragging it across an unfriendly surface like tar seal. Slipping over also has a high chance since the concrete doesn’t have a salted finish to increase friction. What we need is an all-weather turf, and we need it now.

First of all, you will probably be concerned with how much or even how we will get the money for something as big as this, but a community environment is perfect for fundraising, making all the costs done and dusted in no time! We could put up a fence around the court, having an entry requiring a key and sell non-duplicatable copies of the court keys out to people who want a game of basketball, netball, tennis or hockey after school, in the weekends or even in the holidays! Car wash, disco, quiz night, selling chocolates, there are numerous possibilities to fundraise for the massive expense to upgrade the courts!

Benefits for the school include: Reduced or even no damage to equipment, no reason to cancel hockey, basketball, netball or tennis training (apart from raining) and bragging rights (hehe). Damage to equipment like a hockey stick starts off with a small scrape on the bottom, expanding into something as big as a chipped hockey stick, although barely affects play, looking professional is a priority. Rather than every step you take being a splash, water will drain through the turf making wet courts not a problem for training that could’ve been ruined because it was raining 5 minutes ago. Bragging rights can pretty much sum itself up.

Because I like to make everything foolproof or uncriticizable, in my 2nd paragraph I included a part where our school could sell keys to the courts, but how would people get into the school when it is locked in a time like the holidays? The solution is simple: change all the gates locks to what the court's locks would be. If the court locks were the same of what the gate locks are now, the people with court keys could access classrooms as well as the court, setting off an alarm, we don’t want that, do we? If you are confused with all of this jargon, consider looking at the diagram below:
  • Red dots represent the lock that the keys that we are selling unlock;
  • Blue dots represent the lock that the classrooms are locked with;
Key Management.png

With backing up and fundraising from the senior students, you can find the funds to give our courts an upgrade, giving with it many benefits to the school like reduced damage and fewer reasons to cancel training. And foolproofing the “If I have the keys to the court I have the keys to the school” problem, no one will be able to find a loophole!

Please consider my offer,


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