Monday, 20 March 2017

Reremoana needs new courts!

Dear board of trustees.
‘Have you ever considered, improving our courts?’ I believe having a court was a great opportunity for our school. But since we have too many people enrolling, our numbers increase. Which suddenly makes our court shrink, in a way, that we have hardly any space left to play. Our school needs to be updated, otherwise we will all be cramped in one little court, where we have rarely anything to do. Because the fields will be saturated in the winter, and dry as straw in summer. The astro turf is too small for any hockey games to be played, and the soccer goals are to munted for anyone to score goals in. our school would be a better place, if we have better, and more efficient courts.

buying a new court will cost money, and would approximately cost over $100,000, which isn’t actually that bad, if you get it the right way.
Our school is great with fundraising, so why not fundraise for a new court? Many students have great ideas for upcoming events, so we could probably survey the pupils of Reremoana, and see what they would like to do for a fundraising event. This would help a whole lot more and make the court less expensive. I was thinking, we could have a coloring competition, where people pay two dollars to enter. we could have a prize on the line too. This would attract more people, which would push us fawad even closer, to getting our new school courts.

Aims games has taken a big step forward in our school. people who get into Aims games, train almost everyday, waiting for there final glory at the end. The only problem is, we don’t have big enough courts to train on. We have to go and pay to train on other schools courts. Us doing this almost every week, takes a big chunk of learning away. It approximately takes 20 minutes to get to the courts, and 20 minutes back, not including traffic. Getting a new court would be so much better for our aims games trainings. It would one be faster, 2 take up less learning time, and 3 cost less, because we wouldn't have to pay to go to the other schools courts!

My final point is, having two courts (or one big court) would lead us to bigger opportunities. fellow neighbours, or wider community, could come and enjoy, rollerblading, or biking on a wider range of court, which would increase the popularity of reremoana school. Students would play more sports events, and we could even hold some at our school! Which would cause less hassle driving, and organising transport for the counties students.
Our school could make it in a magazine for being the go to school. If we take up the opportunity of getting new, clean, and modified courts. Because we would be known for holding such sports events like theses.

Please consider this idea, of getting the an updated court. Because I believe it will make Reremoana school a better, and more improved environment. Yours sincerely, Ella.
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