Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Reremoana needs a court upgrade!

Dear board of trustees,
We need new courts!Most students in our school do sports,It's a big part of our life.We need to have a better court at our school.Not all sports can be played on concrete courts.our school has been here since 2006 it’s time we need an upgrade. Sports are very popular at our school so we should be equipped with the right items and courts  to play on.The courts we have now can also be a safety hazard as many people slip over in the rain or get hot,burnt feet in the summer.Our courts are just getting to tiny. These are my reasons why we need a new court
2-less injuries

Playing on the courts,Right now our school can’t do multiple sports at once.We can’t do net ball and basketball together or we crash and our turfs are to small to practise or play hockey on.We can train at school and we won’t have to worry about finding places to train and spending money paying for those places.Having our own courts would make our lives so much better.If we get our own courts we can also hire it out to the other schools in manurewa or wattle downs that don’t have their own courts to practise on this also means our school will make money from people that hire it out and that will help us get other gear or equipment our school wants/needs.

We can play all year round on the new courts and have less injuries.Our courts at the moment can be very dangerous. They have holes that students can fall in and roll their ankles,they can be really hot in summer,and they are really slippery in winter.All weather courts are made for these seasons.They are not hot in the summer and don't burn your feet and the drain the rain leaving it non slippery.These courts can be very helpful to our school, leaving us with less injuries.

Money will be an important part of being able to have these courts. It will be expensive to pay for these courts ,but our school will be able to do fundraisers to achieve the courts. We can do Car washes, garage/boot sales ,and galas.Over the last couple of years our school has been great at fundraising making money out of the galas and disco’s we do.Our school can also add garage sales or car washes.We would be able to make the money in no time.

Overall our school needs new courts.Our courts are just to old.Now you know why we need new courts please,please take this idea into consideration, and allow us to get new  courts.It would really be life saving.I hope you allow us to get new courts

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