Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Living on edge

Chapter 1

Life in pieces      

Every thing had vanished, my home, my family, my life, all of it was flushed down the drain. And it was all  my fault. I should never left the castle, I had no idea what I was capable of.
And now I’m  just sitting here all alone in this heap of trash, just me and myself, myself and I. I stared down at my hands, they were still blue like the ocean. How could I, freeze everything and let it all go. If I hadn’t of messed with that girl, none of this would have happened. A tear drizzles from my eye freezing a freckle in its place.
Now I’m just a crybaby sitting in a dump, looking all childish, thinking of all the good times I had with my whanau. As I clear my eyes washing every freezing tear away, I look to see another girl wandering through the trash also weeping. Was it me? Had I done something else wrong, I soon start crying again, digging my way sorrowfully though the trash, trying to find somewhere to hide. And without reliesing I hear a faint noise next to my ear. “Are you ok?” said the strange and unfamiliar voice, sniffing sadly. I shudder, but feel warm inside. Which is strange for me because I’m meant to be cold and freezy all the time. I finally pick up my courage and raise my chin slightly.
The strange, although familiar girl picks me up and hands me one of the only lasting blankets in our country, but I refuse to take it handing it back politely. I turn up to smile, because I feel bad about the blanket, but strangely I don’t. There was something about this girl that seemed a bit uncomfortable. She looked like someone I knew, but someone I didn’t like, someone who was my enemy. I pause for a moment and hesitate to look her straight in the eye. Whoever she was, I was prepared to do anything I needed to, to survive. I pluck up the courage and ask her a question. “Who are you?”, she stares at me with piercing eyes as if she was looking for something in me, she opened her mouth and whispered in a shy and sort  voice, “I’m Jackie”. And that's all she said for about 8 minutes, until I told her something I will forever regret saying. I told her my deepest darkest secret which I had never told anyone, ever. I am not a real human, I am a distant relative of the evil, forsaken ice witch...

Jackie stood in silence giving me the most intimidating glare, her pupils grew bigger as her eyes constantly squinted looking into my soul. Her face expressed nothing just leaving a blank sort of look. It seemed like she wanted  to tell me something. Her eyes went up in flames. And from then on, all I can remember was a burning hot hand, pushing down my face.

By Ella

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