Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Less junk, less death
Is it healthy to have junk food at school? If you really think about it almost everyone in the world has eaten a burger, or chicken nuggets, and chips before. Which is fine on occasion, but eating it everyday is not ok! One in six children or young adults eat it twice a day, and 66% of New Zealanders eat it every second day. That's more than half of our country! New Zealand needs new policies, to stop junk food in schools!
Point one, becoming obese is a big part of eating junk food. Having it occasionally for a lunch order for your birthday, or something is fine. But it is not ok having it 24/7. This will probably make you overweight. And being overweight makes life harder for you. over 50% of New Zealand's schools, have canteens, or a place where you can buy yummy snacks/lollies. And many kids have it every week, which is terrible considering how young these children are. And to make things worse over 40% of kids have packeted food every day.
My second statement is, eating lollies from canteens or from the supermarkets, have a terrible impact on kids. Bringing illnesses and sicknesses into our school. Like having a tummy bug. If you are unhealthy the impact will be much more harsh on you, than someone who has a healthy diet. And being sick is not only yucky, but you could be lead to you taking time off school, which could be for days. And it also means you can’t hang out with you mates, otherwise they might catch the bug to. So it's a bit of a lose, lose.
When kids at school eat unhealthy food,they become less flexible, and it makes school life harder for you. Partly because you won’t be able to do as much fitness, which slows you down. Which would be hard in Reremoana school because we are big on our sport. So having junk food won’t be very clever.
My last point is, when children eat junk food, it can lead to losing, your teeth, gum illnesses, and cavities. Many dentists around you would probably be having to give some child a filling almost every day. Because, at school they were eating too much sugar filled junk food. Us as children need our teeth, and having a filling wouldn’t be pleasant because, one it hurts and, two having a cavity, rotts the adult teeth behind, or kills them completely. Which either means they won’t grow to their full size or, they will have to be removed, altogether.
In conclusion I believe we shouldn’t have junk food in schools because 1. It can makes you obese or plump 2. It can make you ill and very sick, 3. It makes school life harder for you, because of the high fitness level and 4. It has a high chance of teeth loss.
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  By Ella

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