Thursday, 9 March 2017

Kick all that junk away and have an apple a day

Our country is on the list for obese our school should ban our junk we don't need it.

First we should see how many people are obese in our country there are 32% of people here that are obese in New zealand if some schools in New zealand banned sugar because because they already found out about that the more sugar you eat the more of a chance you get to die from obesity pretty much in 35 years every one in New zealand will be obses.

Image result for burgerFurthermore our malls and shopping districts there are many junk food places for kids to get obese and die you can't even sue them its your fault for eating to much junk so the council should make a law that every mall should only have one junk food place and the rest should be healthy like tank and sushi places.

For my last reason we should not have junk food because it can cause serious health problems like diabetes and breathing problems because your lungs are blocked up and you could get stroke and heart disease you can die from that. And you can get cancer and lose all your hair and not live to see another day again.

So follow my advice and ban junk food at schools.

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