Thursday, 9 March 2017


Do you want to get fat. If you eat junk food 24/7 then you will probably get obese, and high blood pressure. that will might lead you to getting a heart attack and could die. Would you like that to happen to you, well i wouldn’t. it could also lead to diabetes. People that have diabetes have to put a needle into themselves to see if they have high blood pressure or low blood pressure.If you think about it actually the food that taste nice is food that we shouldn’t be eating because it is JUNK FOOD, and the horrible food, is the food that is good for you. People mostly hate the bad tasting food because it just taste bad that's why the big countries have more people getting obese because there is more junk shops like mcdonalds, KFC, burger king and heaps of other shops. That is why people shouldn’t eat JUNK FOOD

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