Thursday, 9 March 2017

Junk Foods Take over

Junk foods take over

Junk foods are taking over in schools. Kids take money to school and they mostly buy junk food from their school canteen. It’s getting out of hand. Parents should take more interest in what there kids eat. It should be banned before kids become obese and in the future they won’t be able to control it. Some people die because they are just way to obese to even move a bit. More than half of our New Zealanders are overweight and that’s nothing to be proud off. We should try to be a healthy country which would be better for the country and for yourself.
When kids buy food from the canteen it’s mostly junk nothing else but junk. But that’s not the child's fault it’s the parents and the canteens. The canteens fault because all they have for the kids to choose from is unhealthy foods and they don’t have the choice of choosing a healthy food for themselves. The canteen menu needs to change very quickly before kids go overboard and struggle this early in their lives. The parents come into this aswell because they should realise when they say to their kids that they can order something from the school it’s all junk. Parents need to pay more attention to what their kids eat instead of just sending them off with money to school and buy whatever they want. They need to understand that we're just kids and we will do crazy things when stuff like money gets into their hands. They should make the rule that your parents sign what you order so that they know that the parents are ok with what their child is eating.
When you're obese it’s a very high chance that you will get mocked. No kid wants to be mocked about their size. Just imagine almost everyday of your life you get mocked by your friends and family about your size.  That would be horrible you want to be happy about who you are and what your size is. When you get older obesity is a thing that kids will laugh at you about like all the time. Some people don’t think about how you feel or what you could do afterwards. Plus you won’t hurt a little kid just because they were laughing at you or mocking you that would be your fault not as an adult not anyone else’s. All that would happen if you become obese is that you’ll become a lazy slacker and by time you’ll shift away from you family members and stuff cause they insult you that would be horrible.

After becoming obese you start becoming lazy every single day of your life and that becomes a huge problem even at a young age. You’ll stop hanging out with your mates and that will mean you lose them. The only thing you would do in the holidays is stay inside,eat food and play games all day. By being lazy you're also forcing yourself to be more obese because you won’t be able to burn of any of the fat and you’ll start to eat more and more food as you grow. Being active at a young age is probably up there with some of the most important things of being a kid. Try to have fun at a young age don’t spoil it because of food that your obsessed with. By the time of 40 you will struggle to get of your couch because of your weight and you’ll end up dying because you can’t get food for yourself even a glass of water you’ll struggle to get.

So keep healthy at a young age and have fun. Don’t stay inside and play games because it’ll just end up on you being the lonely kid at school just because you didn’t go outside or to a friends house to hangout with them. Make sure your parents know what you are putting into your body before actually doing it because you could just end up in quite a lot of trouble when you're older. I’m not saying stop eating junk food i’m saying to eat to much of it because it’s the worst thing that could happen to you as a kid.

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