Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Junk food leads to death

Hmmmm junk food.Yeah that's what I’m talking to you guys about why junk food shouldn’t be allowed at school.Firstly it can lead to obesity and death.Secondly you could get health problems and Finally all the sugars could turn one little kid into an absolute monster.
Firstly Junk food can lead to obesity.Obesity for you guys that don’t know obesity means it means that your overweight.Obesity no one wants to be that fat kid that takes up 1 and a half seats on the bus.Obesity can also mean health problems and a lot of them.Junk leads to death.Dying at this age would go down so well because you would probably be only 7,8 or 9 and no one wants to be the fat kid.
Secondly eating heaps of junk leads to obesity which leads to a ton of health problems.Here is a few of health problems diabetes type 1 and 2.You can also get cardiovascular disease which ends being a problem with your blood vessels.Now are you seeing why junk food is bad.
And finally the sugars are like insane!Imagine this a 7 year old girl is eating a piece fruit and she's fine and then she whips out a big bag of lollies and within 3 seconds they are all gone she would turn from a normal kid into a monster, now how would you like to see that.The sugar content for 1 single is too much like for a single packet of burger rings there is around about 2 grams of sugar per packet of burger rings.You could also get constipated.

That is why we should take junk food away from schools.1 because the students could get fat and possibly die.2 the students could get lots of health issues and 3 there are so many sugars inside junk food.Do you see now why we need to take junk food away.

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